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Terms and Conditions

Student/Estudiante/Community(residents if zip code 19133)  $20/year

Valid for one individualInvitations to openings, lectures, and special eventsDiscounts on admission fees to events and programsDiscounts on registration fees for Taller’s education programs5% shop discount 

Maracas $35/year

All Student benefits, plus:10% shop discount 

Artist/Artista $50/year

All Basic benefits, plus:Valid for entire household 

Poetry/Poesía $125/year

All Artist benefits, plus:Membership in ROAM(Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums)*Free admission to all events and programs, except fundraisers 

Literature/Literatura $250/year

All Poetry benefits, plus:Free admission to all events and programs, including fundraisers 

Galería/Gallery $500/year

All Literature benefits, plus:15% shop discount